Szymon Klima, clarinetist

Szymon Klima began his musical education on the clarinet at the age of 8. When he was 10 years old he already performed together with leading Polish jazz musicians: Zbigniew Wegehaupt and Joachim Mencel. Szymon’s jazz debut was received enthusiastically by the audience and, as a result, he was invited by Brad Terry to play once again with the same musicians and a Dutch trumpeter Ewert Hekkem.

In year 1999 Szymon Klima was invited to London and he performed G. Finzi’s Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra. London newspapers responded to the performance with headlines mentioning the “Prodigy of Poland”.

The two young interpreters feel comfortable both in severe and measured interpretations, and with the great freedom that these compositions require, and don’t hesitate in using any kind of technical skill in the research of the expression that better paints the musical idea that they give us.
Sei Corde, Ermanno Brignolo

Perhaps the most heart-felt playing on this album is the performance of Piazzolla’s jewel, Oblivion. It evokes a hazy and timeless mood with meandering lines that allow the warmth and depth of Klima’s tone to shine.
The Clarinet, Justin Stanley

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