Classical guitarmaker luthier Theo Scharpach has established the atelier of SCHARPACH guitars in 1975. Since 2001 the guitar builder Menno Bos works together with Theo Scharpach and runs the daily business of the workshop.

This partnership has become very beneficial for the further development of SCHARPACH guitars. Since 2004 the production of exclusive handmade guitars had been focused on classical concert guitars and archtop construction.

Elegant simplicity, craftsmanship, quality of tone, strength of tone! These words tell everything in short about Scharpach guitars. The website project needed to be minimalistic and strongly focused on instruments, giving clear and very informative presentation.

The guitars of Scharpach are masterpieces, the beauty of them emerge from their elegant shape and perfectly worked out details. I have been playing my Vienna Opus for a few years but I’m still amazed…
Laszlo Gazdag

I would suggest to anyone who is serious enough about top segment guitars to try and play a Scharpach guitar, better yet, go out there and try them all! I feel lucky I did.
Aldo Knip

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