Linda Eberlein is on the road as a soloist with her new project “7 voices”: she is playing virtuous Spanish and Southamerican music on the classical 6-string guitar taking turns singing “Lieder” with her own accompaniment.

She has studied classical guitar at the Conservatory “FRANZ LISZT” in Weimar/Germany, Conservatorio Superior de Salamanca/Spain and at the Hochschule für Musik Basel/Switzerland.

Linda Eberlein’s solo repertory includes music from 1600 to the 21st century; in her concerts she does not only play traditional guitar repertory but also unknown and rarely played music such as the vihuela fantasias from Esteban Daza, songs from China and Brazil and also “Spanish music from other countries”.

In Duo with Mezzo-Soprano Barbara Schingnitz one can listen to improvisations and compositions from Spain, England and Japan.

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Linda Eberlein, guitarist & singer Linda Eberlein, guitarist & singer Linda Eberlein, guitarist & singer