Guitar maker Arnoldo García represent a fresh and inspiring approach to the hand made instrument making world, specially to the high quality concert instruments.

His solid knowledge and experience on instrument from baroque to the contemporary era let him to manage antique and modern methods with a oped mind of view; that means, his instruments are very distinctive. Arnoldo García’s instruments are well known by its great power and easiness. Luthier likes to deeply know musician tastes to make an instrument that really suit musicality needs.

Arnoldo García uses modern technologies in the process of guitar creation. He has great technical knowledge and the role of computers is very important in his work. That makes him is the only one of a kind in this profession that very often bases mainly on tradition. Guitar maker makes use of both tradition and hi-technology in order to achieve extraordinary results!

Arnoldo’s guitars are a delight to the ear and soul. Help you make even the smallest dynamic and expressive details that one can dream. Easy to play guitars and respond quickly when required. They really are like an extension of oneself.
Ricardo Gallén


Arnoldo’s great technical and scientific knowledge about the art of guitar building allows him to bring the instrument closer to the wishes and needs of each musician, greatly helping to achieve a richer and more personal interpretation. In my opinion, Arnoldo’s guitars are excellent musical instruments which are placed between those of the highest quality that can be found nowadays.
Marco Socías

This work required making a high quality photographs of artist’s instruments and the wood. As the wood is one of the most important things for each luthier, the heart of the instrument – the decision was made to show its beauty on the website. As it is the main material needed to build the guitar, it was also the main material “used” for the construction of the website. That gave the site its very distinct, noble and elegant character.

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