Montreux Grotesk

Montreux Grotesk™ is an ultra versatile modern grotesk superfamily of 132 fonts. It takes its inspiration from Swiss design but stands apart as beautifully distinct. 
Its unique personality is shown in the small contemporary details, modern and dynamic letterforms and more geometric approach to overall proportions.

Montreux Grotesk™ was designed for all contemporary branding needs. It features over 80 ligatures including broad selection of uppercase ligatures for use in logo design and creative headlines. Carefully crafted proportions and spacing give the typeface excelent legibility that make it perfect also for paragraph text as well as user interfaces.

The whole family consist of 3 main subfamilies:

- Grotesk - dynamic style created for modern branding purposes, for industries rooted in technology, new media, architecture, magazine publishing & fashion;
- Classic - more neutral, paying homage to the famous and beloved Swiss design typefaces, such as Haas Grotesk or Helvetica; Montreux Classic is successful in most commercial areas such as finance, banking, health, IT or legal environments;
- Jazz - the most playful and rounded style, shines when used in lifestyle design – such as food/drink, cosmetics, tourism, and fashion; Given its friendly nature, it can also be used for advertising products for the youth.

All these 3 subfamilies have their soft versions with rounded corners, giving the fonts more gentle and organic feel.
Montreux contains also the Outline fonts of each style, giving a total of 12 Outline styles (6 upright + 6 italic).

Montreux Grotesk™ superfamily consists of 11 weights (from Hairline to Black, including Outline) with corresponding oblique styles, that gives total of 132 styles. Both Oblique and Italic styles were hand drawn to get sharp, consistent and fine letter shapes. It has extended language support, as well as broad number of OpenType features, such as case sensitive forms, standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, contextual alternates, lining, oldstyle, tabular and circled figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols.

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Eckhart™ is a modern didone, high-contrast typeface designed to create elegant, original and expressive character. This versatile font family is delivered in four optical sizes, making it a complete type system for all kinds of use, from branding to setting paragraph text. It is equipped with ligatures, swashes and alternates to enrich design possibilities and make it very distinctive as a display typeface.

Eckhart family features a very playful and energetic color font, giving broad new possibilities of display use, especially interesting for posters and magazines. Eckhart Color is delivered both as OTF color font as well as regular layered font in 6 layers - it helps to achieve maximum software compatibility and control over colors.

Eckhart consists of 74 fonts in 4 optical sizes - 33 uprights and their corresponding true italics + color fonts. It has extended language support as well as broad number of OpenType features, such as case sensitive forms, standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, lining, oldstyle figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols.

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Amfibia™ is a soft, flat-sided geometric grotesk family with a lot of character, equipped with tons of ligatures and swashes.

Its main function is display use of all kinds, however it is prepared to serve as paragraph text typeface thanks to its 5 widths, giving total amount of 100 fonts. It is crafted for a broad variety design situations - from posters, magazine editorial use, logo design & branding, to web design, user interfaces and mobile applications.

Main features:

- 5 widths (Narrow, Condensed, Normal, Expanded, Wide), each consisting 20 fonts
- 10 weights for each width (from Hairline to Black)
- handdrawn, carefully crafted obliques
- over 900 glyphs, full of swashes, initial forms, terminals and ligatures
- pronounced ink traps and large x-height improving legibility in small sizes as well as adding strong personality to display sizes
- flat-sided letter shapes adding vertical rhythm and elegance to narrow widths
- extended latin language support
- OpenType features (swashes, initials, terminals, standard and discretionary ligatures, stylistic sets, contextual alternates, case sensitive forms, lining, oldstyle and tabular figures, slashed zero, fractions, superscript and subscript, ordinals, currencies and symbols)

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Paneuropa Nova™ is a geometric, clean and versatile font family inspired by Paneuropa - a very popular XX-century typeface, made by Idzikowski foundry in Poland, 1931. Paneuropa was a remake of Paul Renner’s famous Futura - it was a bit narrower, with different proportions and letter endings. Paneuropa had completely different number and punctuation shapes. The family was extremely popular in Poland and was used for every kind of editorial use.

The new version is completely redrawn, with perfected letter forms, proportions and spacing, additional symbols, weights and italics. Paneuropa Nova™ consists of 22 fonts - 11 weights and their corresponding italics.

Paneuropa Retro™ is a sibling to Paneuropa Nova™. Retro family recreates the original typeface keeping its weights, as well as idiosyncrasies in letter shapes and spacing. Paneuropa Retro™ characteristics:

- letter shapes and proportions are close to the original to keep retro feel
- readjusted spacing for retro feel
- weights are taken from the original (Thin, Regular, Bold), two inbetween weights are added (Light, DemiBold); Italics added
- additional style - Paneuropa Inline - great for display use (also existent in original typeface)
- three different versions of each font: Retro (with slightly softened edges), Soft (with soft external and internal edges), and Rough.

Paneuropa Retro™ consists of 36 fonts - 5 weights + Inline style and their corresponding italics in three versions.

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